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DHOKLA is a dish which Gujarat is famous for. There are a number of variations of Dhokla preparation. But I am going to post the most popular Spongy DOUBLE DECKER OR Dunlopillow Dhokala Recipe.

450 gms. Besan (kadalai maavu)
50 gms. of soaked Urad dhall
1 spoon of Turmeric powder
1 spoon of chilli powder
2 spoons of Fruit salt/ENO
2 spoons of Ginger and Chilli paste
1 spoon of Perangayam (USE MILD PERANGAYAM)
1 spoon of salt or to taste
2 spoon of sugar (add slightly more if you want typical Gujarati taste)
1 pinch of extra citric acid
2 ladles of oil for smearing on plate and Tempering
2 spoons of Mustard seeds
2 spoons of white gingly seeds
2 springs of Curry leaves
1/2 cup of finely cut kothumalli/cilantro
250 ml of Tampering water on top of Dhoklas




Make a thickish dough of Besan/kadalai maavu of thick bhajji maavu consistancy, the consistency must be almost like Idly maavu thickness. Make a paste of Soaked urad / ulandu dhall and add it to besan maavu. Now add salt, Turmeric powder, chilli powder, ginger Chilli paste, sugar asafoetida, salt, citric acid into the better and mix thoroughly. Taste the batter for ingredients. If you feel you need to add anything more to your taste, add it now. Prepare a medium sized Thali/Thattu smearing oil on the inside surface thoroughly including the sides. Keep it aside.

Take a large wide mouth vessel or a big kadai .Put a small stand in it this is a metal stand which we use to stand earthen pots ) If you don't have it, you may use a wide mouthed Dabbi or a big katora filled with water. Put about 1 liter of water in the kadai. Now add one spoon of ENO /FRUIT SALT to half the batter taken in a separate vessel and mix thoroughly by hand. The bubbles would start forming. Immediately transfer the bubbling batter to the Thali/Thattu previously smeared with oil and put the whole thing in the Kadai on the stand. Cover the kadai and steam cook the batter for about fifteen minutes. Check after ten to fifteen minutes if the Dhoklas are cooked. If your finger does not stick to the surface, the Dhoklas are cooked. Cook the remaining batter in the same way. I have asked to use fruit salt separately from Thali to Thali because it should not lose the gas while the first installment is being cooked otherwise the second installment of Dhoklas would not be as spongy as the first one. 

After about ten minutes, Temper 250 ml of water with oil , Mustard seeds, Gingly seeds and Curry leaves and also a pinch of Asafoetida, After the tampered water is ready, take ladlefuls of this water with all the mustard and other seasonings and spread it carefully on the Dhoklas. This water will be absorbed by the Dhoklas in short time. Now Decorate /Garnish the Dhoklas with cut Kothumalli/Cilantro Spongy Dhoklas are ready.!!! Now take a sharp knife and make square cuts of the Dhoklas. Dhoklas are to be eaten with Kothumalli/phudina chutney.You can enjoy the same with your tea or coffee. 

POINTS TO REMEMBER When you put batter in Thattu/plate, fill only upto 3/4 of the height of the thattu wall. This is because the batter will rise during steaming to almost double the height. When you sprinkle the Tempered water, take care that you don't over flood the Dhoklas or else they will become soggy. Never cover the Dhokla batter thattu,cover the whole Kadai. Serve the Dhoklas only after the sprinkled water has been absorbed. If the water remains on top, spread a tissue paper and absorb extra water.


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