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GHAUN-BAJARI-NA THEPLA (Godumai-kambu maavu - Roti)


(enough for 15 Thepalas) 

Post partum diet for a Nursing Mother needs to be very carefully planned as per Indian system . Any food that causes gas, Pitta and Kapha is to be avoided.  The food intake should be easy to digest for the nursing mothers and most importantly, it should not cause Gas problem for the child.  This is a roti version which is prescribed for the nursing mothers . But equally enjoyed by all at any time.  This is a spicy mix flour Indian bread that can be enjoyed with any curry, but nursing mothers should use Brinjal, Ridge gourd curry only.  


2. 5 cups of Whole wheat Atta
3/4 to 1 cup of Kambu maavu  (Bajari Atta) 
2 Green Chillies or Powdered black pepper 1/2 spoon 
8 to 10 cloves of garlic 
1. 5 spoon Salt(to taste) 
1/2 Spoon Chilli powder 
1 spoon Dhaniya Jeera powder 1/2 sp.  each 
1/2 spoon Turmeric powder 
1 ladle of oil for making dough 
2 oz.  of oil for Tawa top frying of Thepalas 
Enough water for dough 



Peel Garlic and using the flat bottom of a cup or a serving spoon, smash the garlic cloves till they are almost mashed in pulp. Set aside.  
Add Oil and salt to Atta Mixture (wheat flour and Kambu maavu)and slowly rub between two palms and mix the whole thing thoroughly.  Now add Turmeric powder, Chilli powder,Dhaniya Jeera powder, Green chillies and and Pressed Garlic now.  slowly knead the dough.  You may use a little by little water.  Make sure that the dough is not hard and not soft like that of Rotis or poories.  Keep it for 30 minutes.  Actually, if you are a nursing mother, you can use a little extra turmeric powder.  
Make small balls (urundais) of the dough for rolling thepalas.  
Now roll the dough on a rolling stone or flat surface and make a round roti of at least six inches diameter.  
Place the Thepala on a Roti Tawa and make the roti either with oil spread on the baked surface or you can use Ghee. Nursing moms can take ghee in place of oil.  Please use a slow to medium flame to roast to a Golden shade.  The roasting has to be done on medium/slow flame to ensure proper cooking of the thepalas. A thepala should not remain uncooked or improperly roasted as you are using Kambu maavu (Bajari atta), which reamins sticky if not roasted properly.  
This tastes great as it is or you may Serve A curry as mentioned above or with any Dhall.  
I am sure that once you make this Thepala and use it with any appropriate Dhall or Side dish, you would fall in love with it.  
And feed back as usual would be just great. 

If you have a problem rolling the thepalas on a rolling stone due to presence of Kambu maavu, I would suggest you to place the dough on a plastic sheet pre-smeared with a little oil. Put another sheet on that and using the roller pin, roll as you would any roti. Once it is rolled flat, slowly remove the top plastic and using the palm , place the thepala on another palm and immediately put on Roti Tawa.


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