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DUDHI-NA-THEPLA (Sorakka Paratha) Lauki Ke Paranthe 


(enough for 15 Thepalas) 

Dudhi-Na-Thepla is a wholesome, tasty and filling version of Parathas. This is a Gujarati specialty. This paratha is spicy hence you can enjoy as it is or you can use regular side dishes if you want. 

2.5 cups of Whole wheat Atta
3/4cup of Julienned Sorakka (Dudhi) 
2 Green Chillies thinly sliced 
1.5 spoon Salt (to taste) 
1/2 Spoon Chilli powder 
1 spoon Dhaniya Jeera powder 1/2 sp. each 
1/2 spoon Turmeric powder 
1/4 spoon Asafoetida powder 
1 ladle of oil for making dough 
2 oz. of oil for Tawa top frying of parathas 
Enough water for dough 



Take a large piece of Sorakka(Lauki/Dudhi).Remove the outer skin with a peeler.Using a hand held julienning devise/food processor, julienne it. Press the julienned mass in your hands and press, and remove excess water. This water may be used for dough making. Some people discard this water and use plain water for dough. 

Add Oil and salt to Atta (wheat flour)and slowly rub between two palms and mix the whole thing thoroughly. Now add Turmeric powder, Chilli powder,Dhaniya Jeera powder, Green chillies and Asafoetida and Pressed Julienned Sorakka(Dudhi)now. slowly knead the dough. You may use a little plain water also if there is no enough water of sorakka. Make sure that the dough is not hard and not soft like that of Rotis or poories. Keep it for 30 minutes 
Make eight equal portions of the dough and ball them up and keep covered with wet cloth or rub oil over each ball so that they don't dry. (Taste for salt now) 
Now roll the dough on a rolling stone or flat surface and make a round roti of at least six inches diameter. 
Place the paratha on a Roti Tawa and make the paratha either with oil spread on the baked surface or you can use Ghee. Please use a slow to medium flame to roast to a Golden shade. The roasting has to be done on medium/slow flame to ensure proper cooking of Sorakka. 
This tastes great as it is or you may Serve with Tadka Dhall or any Dhall or any side dish. I am sure that once you make this Paratha and use it with any appropriate Dhall or Side dish, you would fall in love with it. 

PS If the Atta you use is of a bit sticky variety, I would suggest you to add quarter spoon of baking powder in the dough making. This would ensure a fine crisp paratha. 


And feed back as usual would be just great. 


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