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SAGO DANA VADA (Jabbarasi Vadai)



Ekadasi brings a lot of varieties. Sago being allowed form of starch, a lot of varieties are made with this bland tasting Sago.  One is sago Khichadi and another most popular Phala-Aharam is SAGO VADA.  
I am posting the recipe as we make vadais at home.  

1. 5 Cups Sago (Jabbarasi) 
1/4 cup Groundnut powder (coarse) 
3 Nos Small boiled potatoes 
1/2" piece of ginger 
2 to 3 Green chillies 
1/4 bunch of Kothumalli 
1/2 lemon 
1 Tsp.  Sugar 
1. 5 sp.  Jeera powder 
1/4 sp.  Turmeric powder (optional) 
Salt to taste 
Oil/Ghee for frying 





Select proven sago of good quality because some sago dana remain hard even after soaking in water for over two hours and the center remains hard. Soak for about couple of hour (or more if you do not get soft sago )at the most (depending upon quality). When the sago absorbs water and becomes transparent, drain all the water and keep aside.  
If you are fasting , then steam/pressure cook potatoes , peel and mash and use it to mix with sago. Or else, you may add about two spoons of Kadalai maavu (Besan) as a binder for other times along with boiled potatoes.  
Make powder of Groundnuts after lightly roasting .  
Pound/grate chillies and Ginger. Set aside.  
Now take a wide mouth vessel and mix all the ingredients and without using excess pressure, mix thoroughly. Taste for salt. If you find anything lacking, add at this juncture.  
Smear a little oil on your palms and make even sized small balls of large marble size.  
Heat up about 400 ml of oil in a kadai and put two urundais at a time .  
Fry on medium flame taking care to give it an even golden brown colour.  
The vadais can be enjoyed with coconut chutney or pickles and tea or just as it is.  
You can make a variation using Kadalai maavu and asfoetida as extras and marvel at the change in flavour and taste.  
Enjoy !! 
Please post your feedback.  It is very important for us all. 

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