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Milk is an essential part of Growing up. Children have basic aversion to milk unless it is masked by chocolate or mango flavour or something like that. This is the sad part. Milk is an emulsion and a bit hard on the stomach if it is a daily routine. It should be your endeavor to make children drink milk and that too without artificial flavours . I am posting MILK MASALA which has ingredients to make Milk palatable and also easier to digest. It will no more be a forcing ritual on children. You can treat and greet your guests too with Milk Masala Powder.

Almonds 150 gms.
Pistachio 50 gms.
Cardamom 25 gms.
Jajika (nutmeg) 10 gms.
Black pepper 10 gms. (optional)
Saffron 5 gms.




Soak Almonds in hot water for fifteen minutes and when the brown skin is loose, remove it. Immediately wipe clean Almonds and dry them fully. If needed, put it in oven for a minute to desiccate as much as possible. Clean Pistachio. Remove seeds from cardamom and don't discard the tough green covers. Put them in your tea leaves jar. Now powder all the ingredients including saffron in a clean Mixi Jar. Take care that you remove the blades of the mixi first and clean it thoroughly with detergent. Sometimes if you don't do that, your badham powder will smell of Onion and Garlic which get deposited under the blade. Once you powder the ingredients, store in a glass jar. Per glass of milk, you may use 1/2 spoon to 3/4 spoon of MILK MASALA POWDER. 


When you want to use this powder, first warm the milk on medium flame. Before it starts to boil, 3/4 th of the way, add required quantity of powder , stir properly, add sugar just when milk starts to boil. Reduce the flame to sim and let it simmer for about one minute. Close the vessel for three to four minutes. 

Now you can serve MASALA MILK. 


Feed your children milk with this powder and then post the feedback



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Thanks to all the ForumHubbers for making this happen