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I am not in favour of using readymade powders but in present circumstances, using Garam Masala powder , Curry powders and sambar Rasam podis has become an integral part of cookery.  This is due to paucity of time.  So how can Hemant escape from this???. I am posting MADRAS CURRY POWDER today. This will be followed by Garam Masala and other powders and ready to eat podis like Chutney podi, Curry leaves podi and host of others .  Madras curry powder is a fantastic blend of spices which was popularized all over the world by the Britishers.  Their CHICKEN CURRY and MUTTON CURRY was too hot to handle for the uninitiated . This one curry powder has its humble origins in Madras.  The fisherman community and the Pariahs were the people who according to me were the people who should be credited with this curry powder combination.  I have taken CURRY RICE in Tokyo which was really so authentic, that I myself was perspiring profusely eating it.  My Japanese friends had their faces blood red and their language incoherent.  Yet they used to stand in a long line TO ENJOY THIS FIRE DRAGON .  You would be surprised to know that in Tokyo and Osaka, the business district has many CURRY RICE CORNERS (Hole in the wall) joints which are extremely popular. 

Hot Chillies 200 gms.
Dhania seeds 150 gms.
Black pepper 15 gms.
Fenugreek seeds 1 spoon
Mustard seeds 1. 5 spoons
Jeera 1. 5 spoons
Black gram dhall 1 table spoon
Thoram Parappu 1 table spoon
Idli Rice 1. 5 spoons
Asafoetida 1 spoon
Turmeric powder 1/2 spoon
Curry leaves 1/2 Cup




As all the powders in South, it is important that the ingredients need to be sun dried till chillies crumble when pinched and so should Dhania.  But since it may not be possible for most of you, dry roast each ingredient separately in an Iron Kadai just to let the moisture leave the ingredients.  Only rice needs to be roasted till the grains become light pink and curry leaves should crumble.  use your mixi and grind to powder all the ingredients properly.  Use an uniform maida sieve to sieve the powder.  The powder is to be stored in an air tight container.  You must not use plastic jars or pet jars to store powders, a Glass jar is a must.  Use this powder to make Mutton curry, Meen Kozambu, Chicken Curry etc.  Please do not confuse this powder with Sambar Powder.  this mistake is repeatedly committed by foreigners; they think sambar powder and curry powder are same. 

ENJOY!!!! And I would love to have your feed back please.  

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Thanks to all the ForumHubbers for making this happen