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I am posting KARNATAKA SAMBAR POWDER (PODI) Recipe which was long overdue. There are two versions to this powder. One I have posted here. The second version has little Cinnamon and Moggu (maratti moggu) in it. That powder seconds as Bisi Bele Bath powder also.

Redchillies 1 cup (1/2 cup Bedagi+1/2 cup any hot variety)
Dhania 1 cup
Rice 3 spoons
Urad dhal table spoon
Channa dhal table spoon
Black Pepper table spoon
Turmeric 1 " piece
Hing (asafoetida) 1 spoon
Curry leaves 3-4 sprigs
Mustard spoon
Jeera 2 spoons
Oil for frying (optional)




Dry roast all the items individually on a very low flame. First dry roast channa, urad dhal till light pink.

Dry roast mustard seeds till it mustard pops out. Now dry roast Dhania & chilies till Dhania starts to pop out. Turn curry leaves in the same kadai for about 45 sec and finally dry roast turmeric pieces and jeera seeds similarly (you can break it in small pieces with a mortar) for 1 minutes. 

Again mix all the ingredients in the still hot kadai, switch off the gas. Add one spoon of asfoetida and mix thoroughly. Close the kadai with a lid & let it stand for one hour. 

After one hour, powder the ingredients. Take care not to make a very fine powder. This amount of powder will last you for at least a week . I'm not in favour of storing sambar / Rasam powders for long time. 

I promise that your sambar will taste heavenly when you prepare karnataka sambar with this sambar podi. 

Note: Some people roast chilies in a little amount of oil. You can choose to do likewise if you want darker sambar. The method of preparing UDIPI SAMBAR with this recipe will be discussed later on.


Please post the feedback, waiting eagerly for it.



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