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Anyone who has tasted Idly podi with Nalla Ennai (Gingly oil) in Rama Bhavan near Thambu chetty street in Madras, or tried Rasams or Sambar of this 777 Dhideer Mix birth place of excellent Masala powders, would never forget the taste. It is a pity that very few people know that 777 Dhideer powders was the pioneer in masala powders and Instant mixes, in south India. The secret of the sambar taste of Rama Bhavan lies in their usage of pure spices and pure Asfoetida. I am trying to reproduce that Un-believable taste here in the form of Idly podi. I make this podi at my home and has lovers of that all over.

Black Gram 150 gms.(one cup)
(Dehusked) dhall/whole )
Kadalai Parappu 1 tbsp
Red Chillies 10 nos
Dhania seeds 1 tbsp
Asfoetida 1 spoon
Tamarind 1 marble
Salt 1 tbsp
 Gingly oil 1 tbsp





Fry dehusked blackgram dhall/whole and channadhall in a spoonful of oil till black gram dhall becomes pinkish brown. Fry/Roast Chillies and Dhania in the same kadai till dhania seeds start popping and chillies become crisp .Take care that chillies should not burn. Add salt and remove in a cup.

When the ingredients cool down, using a mixi, powder the ingredients including a marble of tamarind (separated in small portions) coarsly. Tamarind must be mixed properly and should not form lumps.

I use a trick. I powder 3/4 portion coarsly and a quarter a bit nice powder of masala consistancy. Add raw Asfoetida in the powder portion of podi. Now mix both the powders thoroughly in a mixi. (I use pure Asfoetida for this podi, so try and buy good Asfoetida ) If you are using pure Asfoetida, use only pea sized quantity.

Check for salt and fill up in an air tight container.Use with Idly along with Gingly oil.


Please post the feedback, waiting eagerly for it.


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