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Telugu actress the thespian mother in law of Telugu screen Late Surya Kantham Garu (My land lady in CIT colony ) was not only a fire belcher on the screen but off the screen , was a fire eater. Her food was not for the soft hearted and soft tongued mortals. She would cook Puliodhirais and other items when she was free and her measurement would be fistful of red chilies. God !!!.She used to sprinkle this red powder on rice and enjoy. Vow.!! It used to be really great. But when you try this, be careful of AFTER SHOCKS.!!!

Garlic 100 gms (three medium pods)
Pepper corns 1 tbsp
Pottu Kadalai/fried Gram Dhall 2 to 3 spoons.
Red Chillies 8 to 10 nos
Copra grated 1cup
Curry leaves 2 sprigs
Tamarind 1 marble
Salt to taste (2 spoons)





Clean Garlic, destalk Chillies (don't remove seeds). Grate a deccicated (half) copra.light fry the chillies and curry leaves in a drop or two of oil or dry roast. Similarly fry dhall in a drop of oil till brown.

Divide tamarind in small portions. Now powder all the ingredients to a smooth consistancy first. When done, add this powder to grated copra and again check for salt and hotness, if needed add black pepper and chilli powder to taste.

Mix in a mixi jar and pack in a glass container.

This powder goes well with rice , with dosai and adais. Use with groundnut oil or ghee.

You can use roasted Gingly powder in place of kadalai or dhall .

Try and tell me .You would love it.


Please post the feedback, waiting eagerly for it.


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