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What is scent to a flower, is Garam masala to a recipe. Enhancement of taste is the essence of the success of any recipe. Garam Masala does that job very effectively. Unfortunately people use Garam Masala without understanding its proper application. Poor cooks pass off any substandard cooking by adding or masking the dish with Garam Masala. This is unacceptable

( 3 Month's supply for a family of 4)

Dhania 150 gms.
Jeera 50 gms
Cloves 10 gms
Cinnamon 50 gms
Black pepper 10 gms
Cardamom 15 gms
Bayleaf 10 gms
Caraway seeds 1 spoon
Stone flower(Dhagad Phool) 5 gms
Anis star 5 Nos (remove seeds)
Sombu (fennel) 2 spoons
Red Chillies 5 nos





Dry all the spices in sun or light roast them in Ghee and powder them to a fine nice Samolina consistancy. Pack in a glass bottle .Use in quarter spoon or one spoon measure only. This is all purpose masala which can be used in almost any preparation from curry to Bisi Bele Bhath or Pani puri or masala puri etc.. Use your judgement in usage.


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