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From: Mrs. Mano

Ingredients needed:
Coriander leaves-2 big handfuls.
Red chillies: 15nos.
Split black gram- > cup[150 gram]
Asafoetida- a small piece
Tamarind- a small lemon size
Gingely oil
Enough salt.

Cut away the big  stems and wash the coriander leaves well. Coriander leaves with short stems will give more delicious taste. If so, there is no need to leave away the stems. Dry the leaves on a paper or a cloth. 
In a kadai, pour   1sp  gingely oil and fry the asafortida piece. Then fry the red chillies for a few
seconds. Take away the red chillies. In the same oil, fry the black gram to a golden brown colour. These all must be fried in a slow fire. This thokku is especially prepared in a ural. But we couldn't get
that nowadays. So we can make this in a mixie. Powder the fried ingredients. Take away the powder.
In the mixie, drop the tamarind peieces and pour 2 tsp gingely oil. Run the mixie in high speed for a
minute. Open it and see whether the tamarind has been crushed. If not, add one or two spoons  gingelly oil and again grind for a minute. Now add the powder and again run the mixie for a minute. Then add the coriander leaves and run the mixie for 2 minutes. Then open it and add enough salt. Again run the mixie for a minute. Now Kothamalli thokku is ready to serve. 


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