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Most of us are confounded when we are asked to prepare sugar syrup of 1 or 2 or 3 threads. What are these threads ?How do we know if syrup is ready? I am giving the method for my dear readers so that preparing sweets properly would become easier for them. I am taking 1 cup as measure. You can use this method for any amount of sugar.


Sugar 1 cup Water (read the method for quantity) Milk a little Patience a little METHOD OF PREPARATION Take a wide mouth vessel and place 1 cup of sugar in it. Take a small cup of water and slowly pour water little by little till all the sugar is just wet and no water is seen above the surface of sugar. Now start the stove and keep the flame on medium. Using a long handled serving spoon (karandi), go on stirring. Soon all the sugar will melt. Let it boil on medium flame for a minute or two. Remove from fire and add about a large spoon of milk or lemon juice (little). This is to get pure white syrup and without scum) Immediately scum would form, remove that scum by the spoon and reheat the syrup . Using the syrup sticking to the spoon, press a drop of syrup between your thumb and pointing finger and open again. If you see only a single thread which remains for at least five to six seconds, Your single thread sugar syrup is ready. Remove from fire and let it cool or use immediately as per the demands of the sweet. For two thread syrup, continue to boil the syrup and go on checking periodically till you get two threads and so on. This method id foolproof and you would never go wrong. So go ahead and make your life SWEET.!!!

Thanks to all the ForumHubbers for making this happen