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If I can say, Puliyakuthi upperi is Kerala( palakkad) version of Undhiyun, but much more simple. One thing I have admired about Palakkad recipes is that the treatment of vegetables or other spices is to a minimum just like Japanese cooking. There is no masking of vegetable taste and flavour or other food component by excess of spices. This is a sour and mildly spiced curry from Kerala. Best enjoyed with steaming rice. 

Firm unripe bananas 3 nos  
Colocasia 150 gms 
Brinjals 150 gms 
Ladies finger 150 gms 
Potatoe/Knolkhol 1 no 
Tamarind extract 1/2 cup 
Turmeric powder 3/4 spoon 
Salt to taste 
Curry leaves 2 sprigs 

Gingly oil 2 ladles 
Mustard 3/4 spoon 

CURRY POWDER [Roast and powder following] 
Rice 1.5 spoons 
Fenugreek 1/4 spoon 
Asafoetida 2 pinches 
Red chillies 2 to 3 nos 


Wash the vegetables and wipe them clean. Peel skin of all the vegetables (except ladies finger and Brinjals !!) and make pieces of about 1 inch. Cut ladies fingers in 1 inch length. 
Original method of cooking was by boiling in Tamarind water and bringing to tender state and then tempering it. You can pressure cook. 
Mix Tamarind extract in two cups of water and add turmeric and salt. Steam cook all the vegetables till properly cooked. Remove from stove and let the pressure cooker cool. If you feel that your pressure cooker is taking undue long time to cool, just hold the cooker and pour cold water on the body of the cooker from sides. DO NOT POUR COLD WATER ON THE LID PLEASE!!!!. 
Take oil in a kadai and add mustard. When mustard starts popping up, add all the cooked vegetables in tamarind. 
Turn for a minute or two. Now add curry leaves and curry powder. 
Turn and mix the spice powder properly. Switch off the gas and cover the kadai. 
Serve hot with steaming rice. 
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That is my Guru Dakshina !!! 


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