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 In today's atmosphere, everything is instant and due to work pressure and time restraints, housewives have little time to allot for cooking and yet the family demands good tasty food. There are some time tested recipes from my own kitchen. Try them and win hearts of people who love you.

Rice 1 cup (Basmati/Biriyani)
Garlic10 cloves sliced in thin pieces
Onions 2 Nos. Diced in small pieces
Green chillies 4 to 5 nos. cut in thin slices
Cloves 8 to 10 nos.
Cinnamon sticks 5 nos. ,1 " size
Cardamom 15 Nos.
Bay leaves 2 to 3 nos. cut in half
Raisins 15 nos.
Cashew 15 nos. split
Ghee 100 ml
Salt to taste



Slice garlic, Dice onions and finely cut/ green chillies. Keep aside.
If you are using Basmati Rice/ Biriyani Rice, ensure that the rice is old otherwise, if the rice is new, toast the rice after soaking in water for ten minutes and draining all the water, and toasting in a kadai in two spoons of ghee till the rice is very light creamy or pinkish looking. Toasting for about ten minutes  would do. This would ensure your rice grains remains separate when cooking. 

Now take rice and put directly in cooker without any separator. Best to use is Hawkins pressure cooker. Add needed salt. Add enough water to cook the rice and the .Please ensure that you add just enough( 500 ML)  for the above. But ensure that you use only old rice. Water quantity must be fixed by you as per the quality and quantity off rice you use. 

Now take Ghee in a Kadai and add cinnamon, Cardamom, Bay leaves and cloves. When cloves and cardamom puff up , add Sliced Garlic, when Garlic turns very light pink, add Onions and sliced Green chillies. Light fry till onions become translucent , remove from fire and let it cool. Keep aside. 

Take little ghee in a separate tampering ladle and fry cashew nuts and reisins till reisins puff up and cashew nuts become light brown. Remove from fire and keep aside. 

When the rice is completely cold, add fried onions, garlic & chillies with ghee to rice. Also add fried cashew nuts and reisins and mix well. Take care and ensure that the Ghee rice has good amount of Ghee and the  rice is not dry. If needed, add some more ghee. Cover with a lid and set  it aside for an hour to let the spices aroma permeate in Rice. 

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