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Rava Dosai is very easy to prepare and is a wholesome and healthy breakfast dish. It is best enjoyed with chutney and Sambar.

250 gms. Rava ( Semolina )Fine Variety
25 gms. Rice Flour
1 cup Buttermilk
2" piece of Ginger finely shredded
5 Nos. Green chillies finely chopped
Oil for seasoning
One spoon of Mustard seeds for seasoning




Mix Rava and Rice flour and pour the butter milk in a medium sized vessel. Add salt, shredded chillies, ginger. Pour a little water and set aside the mixture of the batter for at least four to five hours after tampering with mustard in oil. If you are in a country like India, you need about four hours time for batter to ferment, If you are in USA or Canada, set aside the batter overnight at 28Degree C. Or keep the batter vessel near your room heater during the night. In short, give the batter a time of 8 hours at least. Remember not to use chlorinated or Zero Bacteria water. Water for batter must have some bioactivity. So keep the batter open in Verandah for an hour or so. When the batter rises , prepare the Rava Dosais as you would any other Rice dosais. 

VARIATIONS One variation is to use finely chopped Onions along with other ingredients. This is a really tasty variation. Second variation is almost instant Rava Dosai. In this variation, you use All Purpose flour or Maida to an extent of 100 gms in the above recipe in place of Rice flour. You can add Onions, crushed Cumin seeds one to two spoons and crushed Pepper one spoon. Garnish the batter with Curry leaves and a little Mustard seeds. Set aside the batter for about two hours. Then prepare the dosais as before. This variation may prove a bit tricky if you are a novice .But the end result is very good and tasteful.

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