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PHULKAS   (Gujarati ballooning roti)


Hello All of you!! To make nice chappathis/Phulkas which Baloon when Roasted on fire, you need to make the dough in the following manner. Take required amount of (two cups) Whole wheat flour. Add three table spoons of cooking oil and half a spoon of salt. Mix the oil , salt and the whole wheat flour thoroughly. Now take some water and slowly start adding and kneading the dough. When the dough is sufficiently soft, keeep it aside for atleast one hour after smearing the whole kneaded dough with a spoonful of oil to avoid dryingup. Make urndais of only lemon size of dough to roll Chappathis. (sometimes on keeping for an hour, you may have to still soften the dough with a little bit of water as wheat flour sometimes absorbs water more than usual). You must not add too much water or else the chappathis will not baloon and you will not be able to make thin chappathis or Phulkas. 

Take a little dry flour and set it aside, With a rolling pin, roll the chappathis on the stone. Once the flattened dough is thin and starts sticking to roller pin, turn the chappathi in dry flour on both the sides and start rolling in round shape. You may have to turn the chappathis in dry flour twice or thrice in order to get very thin (2.5-3mm) thickness without sticking. Now take the rolled flat dough and first place it on Tava. As soon as slight bulges start forming, 

With a chimta remove the chappathi from Tava and place directly on fire or flame of the stove. You will be amazed to see perfectly round Phulkas .Turn it and cook it on both the sides. Remove from flame and apply nei (ghee) on the thinner side of the phulka. Serve it hot.





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