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NAN is actually a Persian Bread, and it requires a lot of patience and proper technique to prepare the dough. If properly done, the Nan comes out very well and tastes very good. Nan can be eaten with Mugalai Chicken, Kheema Masala And Mutton with Gravy. Vegetarians can enjoy with Dhalls, Pickles and chutneys. Traditional Nan is rolled in Tear Drop shape and baked in earthen pots and on coal/wood fire.

Maida/All purpose flour 500 gms.
Milk 1 cup (150 ml. )
Dried Yeast 1 Tea spoons
Curd 2 ladleful
Sugar 1 spoon
Ghee/Butter 1/4 cup or 4 to 5 spoons
Ghaghasa (poppy seeds) 2 spoons
White Gingly (sesame) seeds 1 spoon
Salt to taste




First mix yeast in warm milk and set aside for 30 minutes. Take flour and salt in a large plate and make a depression in the center of the flour. Add yeast mixed milk, salt, curd and ghee/butter. Slowly knead the dough thoroughly .When the dough is ready, keep it aside for at least three to four hours in a warm place. If you are staying in Canada or Northern America or mountains, keep the dough near a room heater. When the dough has risen and assumes a large volume, make equal portions of the dough and set aside for further 20 minutes. Now roll out round Nans and then fold in triangles and reroll in triangles or tear shaped Nans.

Bake in a preheated oven taking care to turn and see that you get Pinkish Brown design on the sides. Some bakers spread little gingly/Poppy seeds before placing in the oven after spreading a little Butter or Ghee on the rolled Nan and then Bake it. It is best to Bake the Nans when the guests are to be entertained, as the hot oven fresh Nan tastes best. Please let me know how the Nans turned out. 

If you want to make custom made Nans, write the names of the guests with thickly kneaded flour rolled like a thick twine and with hand fashion the names on top of the Nan before placing in the oven for baking. Press the names lightly to the flat rolled Nan and place in the oven. The guests would be thrilled.!!!


And feed back as usual would be just great.


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