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A lot many of you must have appreciated crispy Masala Dosais available in Udupi Hotels. I am posting Mysore Masala Dosai recipe which you would really enjoy.

250 gms. Raw Rice
1/2 Sp. Fenugreek Seeds (vendhaiyam)
1 large sp. Black Gram Dhall/Dehusked Black Gram
1 Table sp. Thoram Parappu
2 Tbl. Sp Fine Rava (SEMOLINA)
50 gms. Beaten Rice Flakes
Salt 1 spoon

Make potato onion Masala as usual with boiled Potatoes and Sliced Onions for the Masala Dosai.




Soak Rice, Thoram  Parappu (Thoor dhall) and Ulandu (udad dhall) and Vendhaiyam (fenugreek) for 4 hours and set aside. Now Soak Beaten Rice for about 45 minutes. If the flakes are hard, soak for about an hour. I would suggest you to use a finer variety. Now grind rice and Dhall mixture along with soaked Beaten Rice to make a thick batter. Add a spoon of salt and set it to ferment for at least 16 hours When you are to make the dosais, add two spoons of Rava and let it stand for about an hour till Rava is fully soaked. At this stage if you want, add a little water if the dough is too thick. Make the dosai on a Dosaikal. With this batter, you can make really fine Paper Dosais. Fry only on one side. You may spread red chilli Garlic Chutney on the upper surface and also you can use Butter spread after you have placed the Masala in the center. Make a fine even Roast and place the Potato -onion Masala in the center and fold like a Samosa or a Suruttukal Dosai like a Toupee. You can serve with Sambar and chutney. This Dosai variety is Very common in Karnataka and I have the privilege of enjoying this many a times in Bangalore.


And feed back as usual would be just great.

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