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Mysore Bonda is one item in Hotels which is seen lesser and lesser now a days. This simple preparation is a great nourisher and with chutney, tastes fantastic. I prefer Mysore Bonda to Medhu Vadai for its rich creamy inside and a subtle taste.

Ulundhu (dehusked) 150 gms.
Payir parappau/Thoram Parappu 3 spoons
Coconut (2"piece) 1/4 cup
Ginger 1" piece
Green Chillies 4 to 5 nos.
Black pepper 1 spoon
Jeera 1/2 spoon
Salt to taste
Oil for frying
Cooking soda two pinches

The Parappus dhalls) are to be soaked in water for at least three hours in winter and 2 hours in summer.




Chop chillies, grate Ginger and cut a 2" piece of coconut flesh in small pieces. Set aside. Make a thick but very fine paste of both Parappus (dhalls) .If you want very fluffy Bondas, you can use the agitator or egg beater and make a frothy dough. But before doing that, add salt to taste. This dough should be of vadai dough consistency. so take care when you make paste. Coarsely grind Jeera and Pepper . Some people add whole peppers and pounded jeera. You can do as you like. Mix cooking soda in a little oil and mix thoroughly till it turns milky. Add this to dough .Now mix all the ingredients with dough and see that they have evenly been mixed. Now Take a Kadai and heat up oil. Check if it is hot enough by putting a drop of dough. When ready, wet your palms and make a small lemon sized bonda by hand and put directly in oil. Take care that you don't drop it from height or else you would burn your hand with hot oil. Fry at medium heat till the bondas are beautiful golden in colour. 

The frying should be evenly done or else the center portion would not cook properly. The Bondas would be fine crispy on the outside and soft creamy inside. Prepare coconut chutney also and serve hot bondas with chutney.


And feed back as usual would be just great.

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