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Very few people know down south that ROTIS like Rice can be prepared in almost a hundred different ways. Additions of different ingredients results in totally different taste of the ROTI. As a morning breakfast or as an accompanyment to evening meal curry, Rotis made with different ingredients and spices make a fine difference to the meal. They add on to the nourishing value too. I am giving below an easy method to make some different varieties. Try and let me know the result.

Whole wheat flour 1 katora (150 gms.)
Salt 1 spoon
Oil / Ghee 2 spoons in dough
Oil 30 ml for tawa frying.


Turmeric powder, chilli powder, Vendhaium Kirai, Julienned Ash gourd, Julienned Carrots, Julienned Ginger,Omam seeds, Gingly seeds,Mulangi kirai, Julienned Radish, Jeera, Garlic sliced,Curds, Jaggery , Garam masala powder , Asafoetida etc.
Different flours like Kadali Maavu, Kambu Maavu, Cholam Maavu etc are also added as add ons for different rotis


Use the standerd ingredients and as add on, choose any add on ingredient to make a different tasting Roti. For example, if you are making masala roti, add quarter spoon of Turmeric powder, quarter spoon of Chilli powder and any masala with a little asfoetida. Mix them with standard ingredient and after adding enough water, knead the dough which is neither too loose or too hard. It should be workable under a rolling pin. Roll out round rotis of maximum dia of six inches to eight inches. Once you put it on tawa, let it start bulging in small baloons. As soon as one side is slightly roasted, turn it and apply half a spoon or less of oil on the roasted side. Now let the other side roast. Repeat the process of applying oil and get fine tasting masala roti. You can use the method to turn out different tastes of rotis. For Omam roti, just add half a spoon of Omam in the dough of the above, and you get omam roti. Thumb rule is that in masala roti, standard ingredients are Salt, Turmeric powder, chilli powder and Asafoetida. Only when you are making Garlic, avoid asafoetida. Make and Enjoy!!!!!!


And feed back as usual would be just great.

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