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PURIES (Plain)


Take a large cup of whole wheat flour. Never use maida or any soft bread flour. Add a spoon of oil and little salt to taste. Briskly mix the flour till traces of oil are absorbed properly. Now add little by little water and simultaneously start kneading the dough. The consistency should neither be too soft or too hard. When the desired level of softness is reached. make round balls of the dough and roll on a roller stone with a roller pin. The thickness of the rolled dough should be at least three mm. Now take two ounces of oil in a kadai and when the oil is sufficiently hot on the stove, check with a small piece of dough flattened between the thumb and the finger. Put it in oil. If it starts ballooning immediately, the oil is ready for poories. Now fry poories on a medium flame. Each poori will assume the tennis ball shape if it is small. Roll Larger, if you want large poories. 



Add QUARTER SPOON OF Chilli powder and quarter spoon of Asafoetida and quarter spoon of salt, a pinch of turmeric powder while kneading the dough. And as usual make poories. I bet the result would make you forget many dishes. It is extremely tasty.

Take one cup of whole wheat flour.
Little oil (one spoon)
Little salt



And feed back as usual would be just great.

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