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I am posting a recipe for making kadalai maavu dosais. The preparation time is 10 minutes. You need to have 250 grms of kadalai maavu, a small half spoon of Omam seeds which are crushed, some salt as per ones taste, chilli powder to taste and small half spoon of perangayam. Mix a tumbler of water in the Kadalai maavu, mix thoroughly so that small rounded pallets of maavu do not remain in the dough. Add salt , chilli powder, omam, and asafoetida in the dough which should have dosai maavu consistency. Make dosais just like you make rice dosais on a Tawa. Even the oil is to me applied in the same manner. Turn once on the other side and make the second portion slightly brown. The Kadalai maavu dosai is ready. This can be eaten with aavakkai uruga or any pickle or chutney. This can be eaten with Tea and coffee too!!! Try it out once. This is a dish which takes only ten minutes in preparation


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