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For every four portions of Para Boiled Rice, Take one portion of Dehusked Whole white urad. If whole white urad is not available, you may use urad dhall. Soak both Rice and Dhall with a quarter spoon of Fenugreek (METHI) seeds for about four hours if you are staying in a medium / warm climate. About six hours if you are in Canada or very cold place. Now wet grind the Rice and Urad dhall+fenugreek separately to a thick consistency. 

Don't make a paste. The broken grains must be of thin Rava consistency. If you are staying in a cold place, warm up the batter to about 30 degrees and keep it near the room heater in the night. Don't use chlorinated water which still smells of Chlorine. This will hamper food fermentation. 

Next day morning, the dough would have fermented nicely. Take only as much dough as you want, add little salt to taste and pour the dough in Idli patram. Take care to apply oil in Patram or else the Idlies will stick to the Patram. If you want very soft idlies, you may add a pinch of Baking soda in the batter. 

After wet grinding the dhall and rice separately, mix both of them and then allow it to ferment. If you have fermentation problem and if you want to make really soft idlies  insted of adding some cooked rice, add cooked rice, leftover rice) directly to the batter and mix thoroughly. Take care to beat/ mash the cooked rice very well. The quantity of rice to be used should be 25% of the dough weight


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