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Vendhiyum Dosai (Fenugreek Dosai) 



After our cook Kamala Mami died, no body had prepared Vendhiyum Dosai in our house. 
In fact even myself had almost forgotten this rare dosai variety. Rare because it is rarely mentioned and prepared as per traditional method. (I had to refer my archives to get the recipe) This dosai has its own charm if enjoyed with coconut chutney. I am bringing back the recipe which you would try and enjoy the result.

Rice Flour 2 cups (200 gms) 
Fenugreek (vendhiyum) 1.25 tspoons 
Aval (Beaten Rice (Poha) 1 tb spoon 
Ulundhu (Blackgram) 1 tbsp 
Salt 1.5 tsp 
Oil for frying Needed qty 


Prepare rice flour in a Grinder or use readymade Rice flour. Soak De-husked black gram and Aval (Beaten Rice) and Fenugreek seeds (Vendhiyum) for about an hour .Using mixi or food processor, make a fine paste using water just to needed quantity. 
Add rice flour now and salt to your taste. Add enough water to bring it to dosai batter consistancy. Cover the vessel and let it ferment for at least eight hours at an ambient temperature of 24 - 26 degree centigrade. If you are living in a cold country, the best thing to do would be to keep the batter for fermentation near your room heater in the bedroom. Or you can use a preheated oven to store the batter overnight.Next morning you would have a very fine "PONGIFICATION". 

I would suggest you to add just a pinch (1/8 spoon) of cooking soda in the batter. Prepare dosais as you would any normal dosai. But vendhiyum dosai is fried on both the sides. Enjoy with coconut chutney or sambar.!!! 


And feed back as usual would be just great.

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