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TARDHARI LAPASHI (broken wheat sweet)



Broken wheat means it should be slightly coarser than Bansi Rawa. Take a kadai and put ghee, set it on a low flame. When ghee is hot, add Broken wheat and light roast it for a minute and half maximum or till the wheat particles are slightly brownish in colour. Now add water or milk and set the whole thing on a medium fire. After ten minutes or so, add sugar and let it dissolve. By now the wheat would have been cooked to 50%.Add powdered cardamom now and mix properly. Take a Thattu and pour the lapsi in it which would be of Idly maavu consistancy. If not, add a little water. Now place this thattu on a stand or a large katora (use it as a stand) and steam cook it for fifteen to twenty minutes just like Thattu Idly. Once you are satisfied that lapasi is properly cooked, remove from stand and let it cool. When cold, cut it in large squares, sprinkle broken Sombu (aniseed) and serve. This lapasi is very nutritious and is well liked by children. 

Ps, This lapasi takes a lot of water/milk , so add as much as needed to cook wheat flakes properly. Increase primary cooking time before you add sugar till you are satisfied that it is at least half cooked. Only then add sugar.

ENJOY!!!! And I would love to have your feed back please. 


Broken Wheat 1 cup
Sugar 2 cups
Milk/water 3 to 4 cups
Ghee 1/4 to 1/2 cup
Sombu 2 spoons
Cardamom 6 to 7 nos.

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