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This Bengali sweet was an accidental invention. But it has captured the hearts of millions over the last 75 years. K. C. DAS in Bangalore dishes out the best possible Rossogolas and what I aim to post here is almost the near if not the same formula. 

Cow's Milk 2. 5 lits
Sugar 750 gms
Citric Acid crystals 10 gms
Starch powder 2 to 3 spoons
Water for syrup 1litre




Heat up the milk till it rises . Dissolve citric acid crystals in a cup of water and add this acidic water to hot milk.  Stirr briskly for ten seconds. Leave the milk aside.  After ten minutes, the curdled milk wil result. The water and white solid mass at the bottom will seperate. Filter the solid mass with a fine sieve or a muslin cloth. 
Press with hand and remove all the acidic water remaining in the curdled solid mass. 

Mix the starch with this curdled solid milk and pass it thro' a mixer or mix them with hands thoroughly. 
Make it into uniform smooth lump which is not too hard and not too soft. 
Make playing marble sized round Balls and keep in a plate covered with a wet cloth. 
Make simple sugar syrup with 750 gms of Sugar ,just boil it for about four to five minutes . Remember not to make a syrup like you get in some shops. Sugar syrup which you generally have to the consistancy of Gulab Jamuns which you get in Hotels , will give you very hard Rosogollas. 

Take about a litre of water in a pan and boil it. When the water starts boiling, put milk Marbles in the boiling water and allow them to cook. The Rossogollas will puff up to twice their original size. 
Remove from water and one by one put them in Sugar solution. after alowing to shed excess water thro' the frying ladle holesThe Rossogollas are ready to be served after fifteen to twenty minutes. 
This recipe gives you very delicate and soft Rossogollas as you find in K. C. DAS . 

There is another method of preparation. Instead of boiling and cooking Rossogollas in plain water, some shopkeepers cook the Rossogollas in Sugar Syrup. They boil them in one thread Syrup . This gives Rossogollas which will last for a week. But the Rossogollas are hard. You also need to make double the size of Marbles as they do not puff up much. 
I also do not advocate using any essence. But if you like, add a hint of Rose essence when the Rossogollas are ready. 


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