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I am posting the recipe for POLI without the usage of coconut or any other ingredients. POLI is one of the most favorite dish prepared in Karnataka, Maharashtra and Gujarati homes. No birth day or a festival is complete without POLI. Gujaratis call this as PURANPOLI. The real way to enjoy POLI is by using a lot of Ghee and enjoying it when Hot. 

Polis are prepared with Thoram Parappu,Channa Dhaal or Mung Dhall. But in my opinion, Poli made with Thoram Parappu or Thuvar Dhaal tastes best.

350 gms. Thoram parappu (Thuvar dhall)
500 gms. Sugar
3/4th Nutmeg or Mace(1 spoon) ( made in a fine powder)

250 gms. Whole wheat Flour
2 sp Oil
Enough water for the dough
Ghee 1 cup




Steam cook the Dhall with just enough water in a cooker so that the Dhall is properly cooked (cook till six whistles) When the cooker loses steam, remove dhall in a kadai and add sugar to Dhall and heat on a low/medium flame till the sugar melts. Go on stirring the thick filler of parappu and sugar till the filler is thick. This will ensure a dry filler and burn excess of water. Add the powder of Nutmeg or Mace now and mix properly. Heat for further three minutes. Now remove from stove and set aside to cool. When cold, make round balls of the filler of the size of small ladoos. These are to be be placed in rotis to make Poli. 

Make dough of wheat flour just of Roti consistency after adding 2 spoons of oil to soften the dough. Roll out roti and now place the filler balls in the center .Close the roti by gathering the side like you are putting some loose change in your handkerchief and tying the extra cloth on the top. Now press the rounded roti with hand and re-roll the POLI. Remember that the size of the POLI should be at least six to eight inches in Diameter and the thickness must be not less than one centimeter. 

Place the POLI on a tawa and Dry roast the same way as you would a Parotta or a Roti. When both the sides are properly roasted with just fine spotted design, remove from tawa and serve hot with a lot of GHEE. The way to serve POLI is by making indentations on the top surface with the rolling pin sides keeping the rolling pin standing and filling Ghee in the indentation marks. 

Take my word that people would fall in love with your polis. You can use Cardamom powder in place of Mace or Nutmeg.


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