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Being in Bangalore and not having tasted Sri venkateshwara sweets Mysore paak is impossible. But the one that I am posting is more of Northern Taste and is different.
So here is my second posting in the series of sweets.

Kadalai Maavu(Besan) 500 gms
Sugar 500 gms
Pure Ghee 1500 gms
Edible Yellow colour 1 spoon




Mix the Gram flour and half a tea cup of Ghee thoroughly and set it aside.
Now prepare sugar syrup to two thread consistency and remember to add the food colour to water for syrup. Remove the scum with the method I have posted yesterday. The Syrup must be made on a slow to medium fire.

Now ask a helper to add the Besan to the syrup very slowly and you constantly keep on stirring the mixture.Take care that no lumps are left. When done, heat the remaining Ghee in a separate Kadai and when it is melted and hot, add this Ghee little by little to the Kadalai Maavu -sugar mix. See that the Ghee is in Hot condition throughout this operation. Stop when you have about a fourth of the Ghee remaining in Kadai.
Now reheat the Ghee till fumes start coming out and pour hot Ghee to the mixture at one go. Immediately transfer the hot Mysore paak mix to a steel Plate.
After about ten to twelve minutes, make square cuts with a long sharp knife. The thickness of the Mysore paak should not be less than 2".

There is another method to mix hot Ghee.
The mixture in the second Phase is transferred to a stainless steel plate and then Hot Ghee is poured evenly on top. The hot Ghee percolates downward making sieves and rising the Mysore paak. Any way you do it, the MYSORE PAAK tastes Heavenly. Decorate with thinly sliced Baadam or Pistachio after you have made cuts.
Please try out this recipe in a mini version first and if you are sure, prepare with confidence whenever you like.


And as usual Don't forget to post the feedback. It is very important for all.

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