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This is very nourishing recipe full of minerals and vitamins. It should not be served more than twice as it is rather HEAVY . Anyone tastes this once, will fall in love with it. It is very simple to make.

1 litre Milk
50 gms. Dates (cut in 1/2" pieces)
50 gms. Dry Dates (Kharek) cut in same sized pcs as dates.
50 gms. Fig(cut as above)
50 gms. Jardaalu (Aloo bukhaara) remove the centre hard seed and use the flesh
25 gms. Raisins
25 Gms. Almonds
25 gms. pistachio
25 gms. cashew pieces
25 gms. Walnut/Akhrot
25 gms. Charoli
1 gms. Kesar /kumkumpoo
5 gms. Elaichi/Elaka powder or Nutmeg (jajika) powder
175 gms. Sugar




Boil milk and add sugar while the milk is boiling. Add Cardamom/ Elaichi powder or Nutmeg powder while boiling. Make a paste of Kesar with spoon under side or a stone and add it to milk just before you remove from fire. You must either use Cardamom or Nutmeg. Both should not be mixed .Remove from fire and let it cool to room temperature. Slice all the nuts like Almonds, Pistachio & Walnut ,etc in slices and small pieces. Add them to milk at room temperature. Taste for Sugar now and add if you feel that it is less. Make sure that your cocktail must taste sweet. Dishes after cooling tend to taste less sweet. Add raisins, and all the other dryfruits like Dates, Figs etc now and put the vessel in the fridge to cool. Serve the MILK DRYFRUIT COCKTAIL to guests as a sweet and not as a DESSERT.


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