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Cashew nut Burfi is among the most loved Burfi which people do not get tired of enjoying. It is also one of the simplest Sweets to make. You can surprise your Deepavali guests with home made Kaju Barfi this year.

Cashew nuts Pieces 500 gms
Sugar 250 gms
Silver foil 4 to 6 leaves (optional)
Water 1/4 cup




Buy cashew nut pieces which are priced 25 to 40% less than whole Cashewnuts. Ensure that are very dry and if not , dry them in Sun for about two to three hours or Put in a preheated oven for three to four minutes when complete moisture is evopareted. Now powder the cashew pieces to a very fine consistency of wheat flour. If there is any moisture left, the mixi will stop running and cashew lump will be formed. So YOU MUST ENSURE THAT THE CASHEW PIECES ARE ABSOLUTELY WITHOUT ANY MOISTURE. 

Now powder the sugar and make Sugar syrup of one thread consistency on a low -medium flame. Use only very white sugar. Now add Cashew powder slowly while stirring thoroughly. When the mixing is over, transfer the whole thing to a non stick pan and heat while constantly stirring till the whole thing becomes thick and not possible to stir any more easily. 

Smear some ghee on a large plate surface and transfer the Kaju barfi to the plate. With flat of the hand, pat the barfi to a thin layer of 4 to 5 mm on the plate. You can use a roller pin to ensure even thickness. Now stick silver foil on the surface of the Barfi. Using a very sharp and thin knife, cut the Barfi when still hot into Diamond shaped pieces. The Barfi will set in about 30 minutes. No essence or artificial colouring should be used. 

Take care to use minimal water when making Syrup otherwise the Barfi will not set properly and you will waste the ingredients if the mass starts sticking to the vessel. 

There is another method of preparing Cashew nut Barfi. The cashew powder is made in to thick liquid first and then sugar is melted in that liquid over a low flame in hot condition. No syrup is made. When the sugar melts thoroughly , the mixture is heated till the whole mass becomes thick and pliable like Vada maavu.It is now transferred to a plate and as in previous method, diamond shaped pieces are made. Either way the sweet tastes heavenly. So 


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