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BADUSHA (with Layer)





Please prepare the dough as per the first recipe of Badusha, after adding just a little Baking Powder. Now take the whole dough at one go and flatten it into a big flat roti. Smear Ghee on one side.Slowly roll the big Roti into a Roll and make a cylinder of about 1.5 " thickness. Now twist the roll as if you are wringing the clothes before drying. Now cut one inch sized portions and as in last recipe, flatten them on your palm with a depression made in the centre. In this recipe, the sugar syrup consistency must be more than one thread, It should be two thread almost . Fry the Badusha in Ghee as before and dip in sugar syrup. After about ten to twelve minutes, remove from Syrup and arrange to cool in a tray. A white layer of Sugar must be visible on this variety. Try out and let me know. Some people add Cardamom powder to dough, some add Pacchai Karpuram but I am of opinion that it tastes fantastic as it is. 




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