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BADUSHA (without Layer)



Among the sweets, Badusha is fairly simple to prepare and keeps for a long time. Children are especially very fond of this sweet. In my opinion, Indian sweets which are not milk based, must always be prepared with pure Ghee. Thus all my sweets recipes will have Ghee as main ingredient. The reason is very special, Pure Ghee has its own special flavour and taste which you don't get in vegetable ghee or vanaspati. So I will start my Sweet Chariot with Badusha..

Maida 450 gms.
Sugar 750 gms.
Pure Ghee 250 gms.
Curds 4 tb.spoons
Pista 25 gms.
Badam 25gms.
Rose petals a few Kumkum poo (Saffron) 1 gm.





First of all, heat about 30 to 40 gms of Ghee and mix it with Maida flour thoroughly. Now add Curds and little by little water and make dough. The dough should be loose like Medu vadai dough. Take little water in a pan and add sugar to it. Heat it on a medium flame and make sugar syrup of one thread consistancy. You can check with a drop of syrup put in a bowl of water also. If the syrup drop sits down without melting, the single thread syrup is ready. Keep it aside to cool. Now make small portions like you make for Medu Vadai (slightly less than that) and make small lemon sized sized balls and pat them on flat of the palm in Vadai shape and make a small depression in the middle. Make all the dough in Vadai shapes . Now heat Ghee in a Kadai and when it is sufficiently hot, fry the patties of dough to Golden Brown on low to medium flame. Take care to turn the patties regularly.The colour should be uniformly Light Golden Brown. When all the patties are fried, the Sugar syrup would have cooled down, Immerse all the Badushas in sugar Syrup and keep them dipped for about eight to ten minutes. The top layer of the Badusha would absorb enough syrup .Take out the Badushas and arrange in a tray and let them cool down further. The sugar on the Badushas would harden and make a fine uniform layer.. Decorate the Badushas with nicely sliced Pistachios and Badams. You can also decorate further with Rose petals placed at the center of Depression .But in my opinion, decorate with Sliced nuts and Saffron and place Rose petals when serving. This Badusha will keep for at least two weeks and you will make all the guests happy.


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