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Adadiya is a winter sweet made only by Gujaratis .Kutchis, Kathiawaris and people of saurashtra. But Adadiyas made by each region differs in taste and contents. Adadiyas made by Kathiawaris is generally liked more than other regions. There are two types of Adadiyas, one made of dry sugar powder and other made with two threaded Sugar syrup. Generally at home, the first variety is made. It lasts almost for a month or more without getting spoiled. Adadiya increases the heat of the body, it is heavy to digest due to its Ghee content and is reported to increase the vitality in Men.

Urad Dhall Flour 500 gms.
Sugar 500 gms.
Badam, Pista, 50 gms. each
White Gundar 15 gms.
Ghee 300 gms.
Milk 1/2 cup

Dholi Musali 20 gms.
Jaiphal/Javantri 20 gms.
Cardamom 10 gms.
Sunth 15 gms.
Black pepper powder 1 spoon





The urad Flour should be coarse like Rawa. Add a ladle of Ghee and milk to urad flour and mix thoroughly. This is called DHABO DEWO . Set it aside for about 30 to 45 minutes .Then take a sieve for Wheat (Ghaun No Chaino) and sieve the flour by pressing mildly .Make sure that the sieved flour is very coarse grained sand like. Set it aside to dry further for about half an hour. Powder the sugar and set it aside. Now take rest of the ghee in a kadai and put on a medium flame. When the ghee is hot, add the sieved flour and stir and turn very briskly at medium/low heat for ten to fifteen minutes till the grains of Urad flour assume medium Brown colour. Some people , especially in Kutch, almost burn the flour and make it black. This is not good. See that the flour is Light pinkish brown. Now add powdered spices and stir for about a minute. Now immediately add powdered sugar to the flour in the kadai. The whole mass will become thicker in a moment or two. Go on stirring briskly and ensure that the sugar is thoroughly mixed and melted in kadai. Fry the Gundar (Pounded in small grains) in Ghee and add to Adadiya Dough. The Gundar will puff up. Now at this juncture, some people want more ghee. If your place is very cold, add some more ghee to the mass (about a cup) and remove the kadai from Fire. Add finely cut Badam and Pista. Transfer the whole thing in a big container. When the whole mass is at workable temperature, make Typical Adadiya Type small mountain like Adadiya in a plate and go on arranging in circles. After about a couple of hours, the Adadiyas become mini mountains of sweets and they are hard and ready to eat. Enjoy!!! 


After you fry the Urad Flour (after Sieving) in Ghee, let it cool for 30 minutes. Now make two thread Sugar syrup. After adding all the spices and Badam Pista, add still hot sugar syrup to the dough .Immediately start making Adadiyas as before or smear some Ghee in a plate and spread the Adadiya dough in the plate. Cut in squares and let it cool. Enjoy!! Winter in Gujarat is never complete without Adadiyas. Prepare and let me know.


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