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Soups are an essential fare in western cookery. With changing taste and the Indian palate becoming Global, it is right time to post some exotic and not so exotic Desi soups recipes. I have made certain changes in recipes to suit Indian taste which I hope you won't mind.

250 gms. Tomatoes
1/4 spoon Black Pepper powder
1/4 spoon Chilli powder
1 Small onion diced in small pieces
1 spoon of Ginger paste
Salt to taste
1 spoon of Jaggery
1/4 spoon of Jeera
5 cloves
2 Nos. 2" pieces of Cinnamon sticks
1 Tea spoon Of Ghee for tampering
1 strand of Curry leaves
1/4 cup of finely cut Kothumalli leaves





Steam cook the tomatoes and when cold, remove the outer skin, add a little water and make a fine mixture with a blender. Now add Pepper powder, chilli powder, salt and Jaggery. Add a little water and paste of Ginger and boil it on a medium flame. Take ghee in a Thallikku karandi (tempering ladle) and add cloves, cinnamon and Jeera. Heat and when cloves get puffed up, temper the tomato soup. Cover for five minutes. You may add onions fried in a little ghee at this stage. Now add Kothumalli and curry leaves and cover again. Reheat before serving.


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