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CHEESE- JEERA SOUP (To serve four bowls)



Soups are an essential fare in western cookery. With changing taste and the Indian palate becoming Global, it is right time to post some exotic and not so exotic Desi soups recipes. I have made certain changes in recipes to suit Indian taste which I hope you won't mind.

Butter 3 spoons
Maida flour 2 spoons
White onion 1 no.
Onion Powder 1 spoon
Garlic 4 to 5 cloves
Milk 200 ml.
Cheddar Cheese 100 gms.
Jeera Powder 1 spoon
Green Chillies 1 no.
Salt to taste





Dice onion, finely cut green chilli and deskin Garlic. Grate Cheese and set aside. Add water to Maida and mix thoroughly. Add butter and little water and whole pods of garlic after just injuring them by pressing them to flatten just a bit and cook on slow flame for five minutes. Remove the Garlic pods and discard. Now add Jeera powder and Onion which is diced to milk and boil .Add the boiling milk with spices to the maida butter mix. Stir thoroughly or else the maida is likely to make uneven mass. Now add cheese (grated) and onion powder . If you think that you need water, add some and also add salt to taste . Simmer for a minute or two and see that the cheese is melted. Pour it in Soup bowl , Garnish with finely cut Green chillies. Enjoy this soup scalding hot with sprinkling of pepper and a dash of Vinegar if you like. 

VARIATION If you want, you may cut chicken meat from leg portion in small pieces, precook them with only a little salt and add to Cheese soup. In such a case, avoid Green Chilli. Use Halal Chicken for this usage.


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