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I would never forget the taste of Pakodas made by a small shop near Pattanam Kovil in Park town Madras. Just as you are about to enter Govindappa Naicken Street from N. S. C Bose road, you will get magnetically pulled to this shop with wafting flavour of Pikka sev and Pakodas during evening hours. my elder sister would order as much as I can carry on the flight to be taken to Delhi. 
I am bringing the magical recipe to transport you to the ultimate Pakoda Taste. 

Rice flour 150 gms
Kadalai Maavu 150 gms
Onions 3 nos (medium)
Green Chillies 4 to 5 nos. 
Curry leaves 3 sprigs
Ghee /oil 4 to 5 spoons
Soda Bi-Carb couple of pinches
Chilli powder 3/4 spoon to 1 spoon
Salt to taste
Oil (groundnut) 250 ml





Mix rice and Bengal Gram flour along with salt and chilli powder. Also add cut onions lengthwise, shredded curry leaves and thinly sliced green chillies in round rings. Make a fine mix . Now take a wide mouth cup and make a mixture of Soda Bi Carb and Ghee/oil . agitate with spoon or fingers to make a milky frothy paste . Add this soda and ghee/ oil mix to the just mixed flour and once again mix thoroughly so that soda and ghee are mixed uniformly. Heat oil for frying in a kadai, till the oil gets hot, make five or six portions of dry flour mix and take individual portion and add just a little water so that it will bind the dough and No more. Drop small rough portions in hot oil and deep fry till crisp. Once one portion gets over, add water to another portion and make pakodas. Repeat this process. 
Mere frying of these pakodas would pull the people in the kitchen and that is a guarantee. 
Keep a paper in a vessel and drop the fried Pakodas in it. 

Serve HOT. !!

Please send me your feedback. It is really important to all of us.


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