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Blanch or pressure cook 250 gms. of Tomatoes along with one medium sized Onion and Six to eight pods of Garlic. When cold, put in a mixi and make a fine homogenous thick liquid. Pour enough water in the vessel for two to three people and add salt to taste, add 1/4 spoon of Turmeric powder, Two spoons of Rasam powder , one spring of curry leaves and a pinch of Asafoetida. You may add a little sugar if you like. In case Tomatoes are of sweet variety, you may add little Tamarind paste to taste. One table spoon of freshly made paste of Jeera , And two pods of Garlic with quarter spoon of Black pepper is to be added now. 

Bring it to boil on a medium flame. 

Temper with Jeera and a pinch of Asfoetida and one red chilli in oil or Ghee. Add finely chopped Coriander to taste. Usually a quarter cup of the chopped coriander will be perfect. 


The above Rasam would be slightly Hot. If you want , you may reduce Rasam Powder usage to half the quantity. Some people use Toor dhall to make thick Tomato Rasam. You may use the same if you like.



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