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PACHHAI SAMBAR (Using only Green Ingredients)



This sambar is from my own experiments and probably none of you would have ever tasted this sambar before. I started off with Green Thoram seeds and over the last two seasons of experimenting, I have perfected this sambar. I am very pleased to post the recipe for dear Hubbers. This sambar can be prepared only during Sep-Nov period in India when all the Green ingredients are available.

Green Thoram Seeds 200 gms
Spring onions 1 bunch
Green Methi kirai 1 spoon
Green chillies 6 to 8 nos.
Kothumalli/cilantro 1/2 bunch
Green Tamarind 3 to 4 fruits
Green Tomatoes (unripe) 2 to 3 nos.
Curry leaves 2 springs
Salt to taste
Perangayam (Asfoetida) LG one spoon
oil for tampering 1.5 ladles
Mustard seeds 1/2 spoon





Steam cook Thoram seeds to six whistles in a pressure pan or four whistles in a cooker. When cold, mash the thoram thoroughly and use a blender to churn nicely. The hard covers of Pachai Thoram will separate when you sieve thro' a sieve. Dicard the cover mass and collect the Thoram Parappu soft mass in a large katora and set it aside. 

Cut spring onions till four inches from the base in small 1 cm pieces. Don't use old leaves .Like wise, pluck and cut finely Coriander and vendayum (Fenugreek) leaves and keep aside. Dice unripe tomatoes and keep aside. Now prepare Pachai Puli (Green Tamarind) and Green Chillies paste. Add about two large cups of water to Thoram parappu paste and place it on a medium flame after adding salt to taste. Add spring onion pieces and Green Tomato pieces directly to it and let onions and Tomatoes be cooked in Thoram liquid. Add Springs of Curry leaves and Methi leaves after about seven to eight minutes. Please ensure that the sambar is being cooked on a low /medium flame. Please also ensure that the onions are properly cooked. Now add Paste of Pachhai puli and Pachhai Mozaka (tamarind and green chillies ) and boil for about four or five minutes. Finally add finely chopped Kothumalli/cilantro heat for under a minute and put off the flame.

Now take oil in a tampering ladle and put half a spoon of Mustard seeds, sliced Green chilli. When the mustard starts to crackle add a spoon of Asfoetida powder , Tamper the sambar. Immediately cover the samabr 

Your ALL PACHHAI SAMBAR is ready . Enjoy!!! 


You may add precooked Green beans /Pachhai Avarakkai/Green Brinjals, Green Radish kirai(leaves only)or only kirai of your choice.This would give a variety to your cooking of which I am very sure. 


If you use Sambar powder, and grilled onion /Coconut paste, the sambar would taste entirelly different and would make all the members happy that you have brought variety in sambar. Please revert to me after you have enjoyed for feedback. 

IMPORTANT POINT If you have a problem getting Pachhai Thoram kaai, you may substitute with Green peas or Pachhai Avarakkai seeds, If you don't get Fenugreek leaves, you can use fenugreek seeds.


And please post your valuable feedback because others are waiting for your feedback.

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Thanks to all the ForumHubbers for making this happen