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Today I am posting a very delicious version of Pacchai payir Kozumbu. This is generally not prepared in south. This is basically a West Indian dish but I have taken liberty to post it here. I am sure you would enjoy once you prepare and relish this unique kozumbu.

Green gram (Pachai payir) 150 gms.
Six to eight cloves of garlic
If the cloves are small, use ten to twelve cloves
Ginger 2 inches piece
Dhaniya seeds 2 Table spoons
Jeera 1 Tea spoon
Green chillies 4 to 6 as per personal need
Sour Curds 150 ml.
Oil for tempering
Jeera one spoon for tempering
1/4 spoon of Mustard seeds
Broken Red chillies 3 nos.
Half cup of finly cut Kothumalli
Half spoon of Turmeric
Salt to taste
Two springs of curry leaves





Pressure cook payir with at east six whistles to see that they are slightly over cooked. Payir (moong) should not remain whole after cooking. Keep the payir aside and prepare the following masalas Crush Ginger, Garlic and Green chillies in a mortar and make a paste. If you do not have a mortar, at least crush Garlic with a stone or something heavy. Don't use sliced garlic as the taste will differ. After crushing garlic, make a paste in a mixi/blender. Keep it aside. Now churn the payir (MOONG) till froth is formed. The payir consistancy should be as thick as thick sambar. Slighly roast Dhaniya and Jeera seeds and powder it and add immediately to payir. Boil for three to four minutes Now add salt, Turmeric. Curry leaves and paste of Ginger and Garlic and green chillies. Let the kozumbu boil on a medium heat for atleast six minutes. Now add beaten curds and let the mixture boil for another six to seven minutes. Now temper with one spoon of Jeera and quarter spoon of Mustard and broken chillies. After that garnish with green Kothumalli and set it aside for one hour. After an hour serve after reheating. I am sure that this would be a very different and refreshing change . This kozumbu is to be eaten with Poori, chappathi and Rice. 

Cook and Enjoy.!!!!


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