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YEH DIL MAANGE “MOR” (Butter Milk)



Buttermilk is an inseparable part of Indian food. The word CHHACHH has come from Sanskrit SHADA RASA. Meaning six tastes. It is sweet, salty, spicy, Bitter etc. It has unmatched property to remove ill effects of Heat and sunstroke. Immersing the feet in buttermilk removes fever and prevents sunstroke. Washing the face with buttermilk nourishes the skin and prevents blemishes. It increases the fairness of skin. It makes the skin look very young and healthy. Warm buttermilk when used , cures Atisara meaning loose motions. 

Before the advent of Tea and Coffee in India, Buttermilk was the welcome drink in every home . Even today, it is the welcome drink in farmers and rural homes. 

I am posting different forms of buttermilk as consumed in India. I will start with south . 

MAJJIGA (Buttermilk)

"It is said that the only place a Telugu does not use Chillies is in sweets. ". So Buttermilk in Andhra has to have chillies . And as if that is not enough, it is accompanied by ginger. So what is the net result? Fire fighting with petrol. Wrong. 

Majjiga in Andhra pradesh with chillies has a purpose. It induces perspiration and is used primarily to fight Heat with heat.
"VISHASYA VISHAM AUSHADHAM" Similia Similibus Curenter meaning poison cures poison. 


Buttermilk 1 liter

Green Chillies 1 no

Ginger 1/2 " piece

Mustard seeds 1/2 spoon

Salt to taste

Curry leaves 1 sprig

Oil 1 spoon

Kothumalli optional


Andhra cuisine uses curds made out of Raw milk hence the fat content is really tasty in the curds and buttermilk. 

Take 350 gms of Curds and add 650 ml of water. Use a hand churner/ agitator or egg beater. If you are using electric blender, use it just for about five seconds.  Thinly slice one chilli and grate Ginger. Add them directly to Buttermilk and agitate again with churner for five more seconds. Add salt. In Andhra buttermilk, the salt content is slightly above normal. 

Take oil in a Tampering ladle and add mustard seeds. Heat on a low flame. When mustard just start to crackle, add curry leaves and immediately pour the tempering on Buttermilk. Cover the vessel. 

After five minutes, again agitate the Majjiga . Put it in fridge and serve cold. 

This Majjiga is a powerful heat remover if you are coming from outside in sun. 

This is meant to be consumed after regular food also. 

So enjoy !!!!!!!!!!!!

MOR (Tamilnadu) MOSARA (Karnataka)

Buttermilk in Tamilnadu and Karnataka is a milder sister of Andhra Majjiga. Here two three versions are used. I will be posting the most popular version. 

Buttermilk 1 litre

Ginger 1/2 " piece

Mustard seeds 1/2 spoon

Salt to taste

Curry leaves 1 sprig

Oil 1 spoon

Kothumalli 3 to 4 spoonfuls (cut finely)


It is same except for , the curds are made of once boiled milk. The buttermilk prepared has EDU or Malai floating in Buttermilk which gives a distinct taste. 


You take out Lassi from punjabi cuisine and you are removing the soul of Punjabi food. Every

Punjabi home will offer you a tall glass of Lassi which would choke you if you are not accustomed to drinking 500 ml of liquid at a time. Lassi is a heat beater available in two forms. One is the most popular SWEET LASSI ,and the other is SALT LASSI. You can use both. 


Fresh curds 1 litre

Sugar 175 to 200 gms

Rose essence ( optional)


Pujabi will treat you as a poor man if you add any water in curds to make lassi. The curd is made from thick Buffalo Milk. You need GUTS to drink that lassi. Beat the curds and with a churner make a fine blend of sugar and curd, When the froth comes up, the lassi is ready. Serve chilled or add a cube or two of ice. 

This lassi is very filling and cool on stomach lining. 

Second version is with salt. Use salt to taste in place of sugar and serve cold. 

CHHASH (Gujarati)

Gujaratis are notorious spice users. They drink their tea also with spices. They use spices from sweets to sour. From tea to coffee. The only place they don't use masalas is in drinking water. So it is natural that you will find spices in Gujarati CHHASH. 


Curds 400 ml

Water 600 ml

Jeera powder 1/4 spoon

Dhania powder 3/4 spoon

Salt to taste. 


Churn curds and water till froth comes up. you may add salt and all the spices along in the beginning itself. The CHHASH is ready. Serve chilled. 

Jeera and Dhania powders are magical medicines to remove excess heat from body. The taste too is beautiful. So start churning. !!!

ENJOY!!! And post in your feedback when happy. 


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