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Please understand that there is a difference between Milagu Taneer and Milagu Rasam. Milagu Taneer is prepared without any Dhall.

400 ml of water
One Tea spoon of Black Pepper coarsly powdered
One tea spoon of Jeera coarsly powdered
One small lemon sized Tamarind Ball (extract juice with water)
Six pods of Garlic (optional)
Two springs of Curry leaves
Two spoons of Rasam powder
Half a cup of Kothumalli nicely cut
Ghee/oil for seasoning
Salt to taste
Quarter spoon of Turmeric
Asafoetida half spoon (optional)





Take water in a vessel and add Tamarind extract and salt. Boil till raw smell of Tamarind goes off. Now add Rasam powder and Turmeric. Boil till the liquid starts to froath. Reduce the flame and add Pepper and Jeera powder. Let the mixture boil on a low flame for about four to five minutes. Now heat ghee/oil in a Thalikku karandi and add a quarter spoon of Jeera and Asafoetida. Season the rasam. Finally add kothumalli and cover the Vessel. After about 45 minutes, reheat the Rasam to a boil. Take a steel filter and filter the liquid. The filtered Rasam is CLEAR MILAGU TANEER. This milagu taneer is to be used as an appetizer. It is to be served about 30 minutes before the dinner is served. Cook


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