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KARAKKOZUMBU  (Chettinadu special) for 4 people 2 servings



Calling KARAKKOZUMBU a samabar would be doing injustice to a distinctly different preparation .The spices and the ingredients are a bit different and the way it is prepared is also different. It is as different as CHETTIAR MANAIS in the Great Chettiar Country in Ramnath Puram and adjoining districts is from Typical Tamiz House. Enjoy it carefully as you are likely to be carried away and sssssssssweat later on

Onions (sambar vegayam) 150 gms.
Brinjals/Muringakkai 150 gms/ 1 number cut in 1.5 " pieces
Tomatoes 4 nos.
Garlic 6 to 8 cloves
1 sprig of curry leaves
6 to 8 Green chillies
3 spoons Sambar Powder
1/4 spoon of fresh Black pepper powder (optional)
Salt to taste

2 tbsp of gingly Oil for tampering
1/2 spoon channa dhall
1/2 spoon of mustard seeds
1/4 spoon of Roughly broken pepper
spoon Perangayam
1 or 2 broken dry chillies
1 lemon sized ba*ll of Tamarind (add water and extract thick juice)

Coconut 2 bathhe(2"pieces)
Gasa gasa (poppy seeds) 1.5 spoons

Muringakkai 1 no cut in 1.5" pieces or any other single vegetable.





Cut Muringakkai, dice tomato. Use Brinjals (if you are using them) which are not acidic and must be seedless. Cut in rather large pieces . Take Garlic, make long slices and set aside. Take Sambar Vegayam, clean and peel them . Make a fine paste of coconut and poppy seeds. and set aside. Make extract of Tamarind and set aside. Take a kadai and put tampering oil, add mustard seeds, vendiyum and red chillies broken in it. Heat at medium flame, when mustard starts to crackle, immediately add Asafoetida and coarsely broken Pepper. Immediately add onions , Green chillies (make single cut on each green chilli. This will prevent them from exploding. Fry for about two to three minutes. Now add Muringakkai and other vegetables. (if you are using Muringakkai, better boil it first and semi cook it separately and use it along with its boiled water). Stir and let it fry for about two to three minutes in hot oil. Now is the time to add tomatoes , add them and fry till tomatoes are loose, immediately add extract of Tamarind, mix and let it simmer for about three minutes, now add Chilli powder, Turmeric and Pepper powder( optional). After about one minute, add sambar powder. let it simmer for two minutes till fine aroma of sambar powder is felt. Now add water and let it boil .This will take about five minutes .Now add ground paste of Coconut and poppy seeds. Mix thoroughly.Bring to boil and let it simmer for another three minutes. KARAKKOZUMBU is ready. 


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