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Kadhi is Mor Sambar or Mor Kozambu of Gujarat. Usually it is made without any addition to it but a variation is also there where in you add ompodi and it is called as Sevli Kadhi. This is eaten with Roti/Chapathi and Rice.

300 gms. of fresh curds of not sour type
3/4 to 1 Tea spoon of Jeera powder/Jeera
Three to four cloves of Garlic
One inch of Ginger finely crushed
Two table spoons of Kadalai   Maavu
Quarter cup of Kotthumalli
One spoon of Sugar
Salt to taste

One table spoon of Ghee
1/2 spoon of Fenugreek seeds
1/2 spoon of Jeera
6 Cloves
Two red chillies (broken)
Tej patta One or two sticks of Cinnamon
One sprig of Curry leaves 2nos.Green Chillies

1/2 " Ginger piece (grated)





Mix Two spoons of Kadalai Maavu in Buttermilk made out of Curds. See that you add only about 400 ml of water. The maavu should be uniformly mixed and break any lumps if there are. Don't use mixi to mix these two but churn with a matthu. Add powdered Jeera or whole jeera now. Add crushed Garlic now. Boil this mixture on a medium to low flame for at least ten minutes. Add salt to taste along with a spoon of sugar. Now add curry leaves. 

Kadhi will turn light yellow with addition of Jeera/Jeera powder. Remember never add Manja to Kadhi to make it yellow. It spoils the taste. Now Temper the Kadhi with cloves, jeera, Red chillies Cinnamon and Tej patta and Fenugreek seeds. When the cloves start bursting, add the tampering to Kadhi and immediately cover the vessel with a lid. Use only Ghee to temper and not oil. 

Leave kadhi aside for at least an hour . Now garnish with freshly cut Kotthumalli and serve hot. 


You can make fresh dough of Channa flour with salt, chilli powder and Hing .Make only one big laddu sized dough. This should be of Kaimurukku consistency. Make ompodi with a machine and drop it in kadhi at the primary stage of boiling. The other method remains the same. 


Kadhi preparation demands constant vigil while boiling . If you are nor attentive, the Kadhi will start overflowing on the gas stove. Kadhi tastes great with Chappathi, poori and also with Rice. If you don't like sweet kadhi, you may avoid using sugar and use sour curds instead of fresh curds.

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