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Cook 3/4th of a cup of toor dhall and keep it aside. Make a paste of Jeera, Black pepper and Garlic and Curry leaves Add the juice of Tamarind and salt to taste to Dhall and set it to boil till raw smell of Tamarind goes off. First add Two spoons of Rasam powder and boil for a minute or two Now add the paste of Jerra etc to the dhall and let it boil on a medium flame for about five to six minutes. Add diced Tomato. Now tamper the Rasam with Jeera and Red chillies. Garnish the Rasam with Freshly cut kothumalli /cilantro and onion. Onion must not be sauted or cooked. Tomato pieces also must not be soft like Onion. Rasam should not be thin or watery but must be thick like Sambar. Enjoy.!!! With Rice, or appetizer. You may increase amount of pepper if you want hotter Rasam Some friends prefer tampering with Ghee. That is individual preference. This Rasam is a hot favorite with all my North Indian relatives.

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Two spoons of Rasam podi (Podi recipe as given some time earlier by me)
Half cup of Thoor Dhall cooked and churned
One and half  tea spoon of Jeera
One small spoon of Black pepper
Six to seven cloves of Garlic
One spring of Curry leaves
One small ball of Tamarind soak and  extract Juice 
One medium sized Onion diced into very small pieces.
One medium sized Tomato diced in small pieces
Oil for tempering
Two red chillies and half a spoon of Jeera for tempering.
Half a cup of Kothumalli cilantro for garnishing
Salt to taste


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