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BELL PEPPER SAMBAR ( capsicum sambar )



In my quest to find exotic tastes and exotic ingredients to be incorporated in South Indian cuisine has made
me try a lot of different ingredients ,culminating into some fine tasting dishes,. One of them is this BELL PEPPER SAMBAR (podumozakka sambar). Mind you, I failed to achieve the desired flavour from Capsicum on three or four trials. But ultimately I devised a way to get the right method. I am happy to bring the same to you. 
So folks!!! Try this Capsicum or Bell Pepper Sambar and let me know. 

(for a family of four 2 servings)

Thoram Parappu 100 gms. 
Capsicum (2 nos. Medium) 200 gms. 
Green chillies (sliced) 2 nos. 
Onion (diced) 1 large
Asafoetida 1 spoon
Sambar powder (Karnataka/Madras sambar powder) 3 Spoons
curry leaves 1 sprig
Kothumalli 1/4 cup
Chilli powder 1/2 spoon
Turmeric powder 1/4 spoon
Fresh Jeera powder 1/2 spoon
1 medium sized Tomato diced in 1/2 inch pieces (optional)
Tamarind 1 marble sized


2 tbsp of groundnut Oil for tempering
3 nos.  of Red chillies (broken)
1/2 spoon of mustard seeds
1/4 spoon of Fenugreek seeds
1/2 spoon of Perangayam for tempering





Cut Capsicum in 1. 5cm square pieces slice green chillies in thin strips. Dice Onion similarly and keep aside.  Dice tomato in small pieces. Pluck kothumalli and set aside.  Soak Tamarind and extract juice. 
Take a roti/dosai tawa and add a spoon or two of cooking oil. Heat on a medium flame. When the tawa is hot, add Capsicum pieces along with sliced green chillies. Sprinkle two or three pinches of salt on Capsicum . Tawa fry the capsicum thoroughly ,Using a flat bottomed ladle(rice ladle) and press the underside of the ladle on flatly spread oiled capsicum pieces. See that the capsicum is slightly browned. The capsicum would have cooked to 3/4 and would be almost soft. A fine aroma of fried capsicum will spread. Remove from fire and keep in a bowl.   

Cook the dhall after adding one small spoon of Perangayam (hing) very well.  Keep it aside in the cooker for thirty minutes.  Now churn the dhall till the froth and keep it aside. Add half sprig of curry leaves in the Dhall and Now add extract of Tamarind to Dhall along with salt . Boil the dhall till the raw smell of Tamarind goes off. 

Add Turmeric powder , chilli powder and jeera powder and half a sprig of curry leaves . Let it boil for about two to three minutes. 

Now add Sambar powder .  Let the whole thing simmer for about six minutes.  Add diced tomato and freshly cut bunch of Kothumalli . Mix well and let it simmer for three minutes. Take about two ladles of oil in a kadai and add Red Chillies,mustard, fenugreek(vendhiyum) seeds,when mustard starts to crackle, add Asafoetida and diced onion. Fry till onion pieces become translucent. Add the onion along with tempering to sambar Finally add 3/4 Tawa fried/cooked Capsicum pieces now ,and cover it with a lid immediately.  check for salt . The Capsicum will cook in residual heat and also add the flavour to sambar. 

Your Capsicum Sambar is ready!!

Sambar must be made atleast two hours before you are to serve to self or the guests. 
The real taste of sambar comes only after two hours of cooking. 

Reheat the Sambar and serve hot. !!!

And Don't forget to post your feedback !!! 


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