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Wash all the vegetables, raw mango, and ginger & chillies and pat them absolutely dry. Now cut them in small pieces. Cut mango in small 1cm pieces without the seed hard coat. Remove seeds of Bitter gourd and cucumber if any. 
Using a blotting paper, pat the vegetables to remove any juices left after cutting them. Take salt and Turmeric and rub all the vegetables and green chillies and ginger with salt and Turmeric powder and keep in a glass jar for three days. 

Agitate the jar daily. 

On the fourth day, add oil , mustard and fenugreek powders , Asafoetida powder and Vinegar or Lime juice. Mix properly. Taste for salt . Mix thoroughly. 

Close the jar tightly and use the pickle after a week. 

This pickle needs to be stored in the fridge. Life of this pickle is three to four months (if your family lets it be that long) 

Tastes great with anything.!! 

Please send in your feedback. We look forward to it. 



Carrot 1 no (small) 
Cluster beans 50 gms. 
Bitter gourd 50 gms. 
Kovakkai 5 nos. 
Cucumber 1 small (50 gms) 
Raw Mango 1 small 
Raw Tomato 2 small 
Cabbage center pieces 50 gms. 
Ginger 50 gms. piece cut in small pieces 
Green chillies (hot) 10 nos. (cut in slices) 
Fenugreek coarse powder 50 gms. 
Mustard powder 50 gms. 
Salt 75 gms. 
Cooking oil 200 gms. 
Vinegar/Lime juice 60 ml./75 ml. 
Sugar 2 tea spoons 
Turmeric powder 1 spoon 
Asafoetida 1/4 spoon 


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