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LEMON PICKLE (Elumichu uruga)



Among the Pickle Lovers, we have one ELUMICHIDHASAN. I am dedicating this recipe to him. He is not active for some time, neverthless he deserves it. Thaiyir Sadham and elumichu uruga are inseperable like a a married couple.I think both are made for each other. I am bringing my wife's recipe for all of you to enjoy!!.

Lemons 20 Nos
Salt 4 to 5 spoons
Turmeric Powder 1/2 spoon
Red Chilli powder 3 spoons

1 Spoon of Jeera coarsly powdered
1 spoon of Mustard seeds powdered
1 tbsp of Fenugreek seeds, coarsly Powdered after lightly roasting in oil.
3/4 Spoon of Black pepper powder
1 spoon of Asfoetida powder
1 Spoon of Black Rock salt powder.
Gingely Oil 50/60 ml
Mustard Seeds 2 spoons (for tampering)




1st STAGE PREPARATION Buy spotless thin skinned Lemons and wash in warm water. Dry with a towlel and cut the lemons in 4 pieces.If the lemons are large ones, make eight pieces. Remove excess (30 %)of juice and store it separately for other uses. Take a glass jar and add in it, lime pieces and salt. Add turmeric powder and chilli powder also. Mix thoroughly with a steel spoon/Karandi.C lose it tightly and set aside .Next day without opening the jar , agitate it properly so that the lemon pieces are again covered in Juice and salt. The third day, Add the ingredient.
ENJOY!!!! And I would love to have your feed back please. 

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Thanks to all the ForumHubbers for making this happen