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KATHIRIKKAI THOGHAYAL ( Tamilnadu + Andhra Variation )



Brinjal Chutney is a specialty which is very peculiar to southern cusine. 
All the states of south have their own methods and variations . I will give the recipes mentioning the variation. 
Thoghayals are best enjoyed with rice. 


Seedless Brinjals 4 nos 
medium sized 
Green chillies 2 to 3 nos 
Fresh Coconut (Grated) 3 spoons 
Oil 2 ladles 
Tamarind 1 marble size 
Turmeric 1/2 spoon 
Asafoetida (optional) 1/4 spoon 
Mustard 1/2 spoon 
Bengal Gram dhall 1 spoon 
Curry leaves 1 sprig 

Red Chillies 5 nos 
Garlic 5 cloves 
Dhania+Jeera powder 1/4 spoon each 
Kothumalli chopped 2 spoons 



Select seedless and sweet variety of Brinjals. Dice into small 2 cm sized pieces and fry along with green chillis, dry chillies in a kadai using only little oil. Do not use more oil. 
When brinjal pieces collapse, add Extract of Tamarind and fry for three to four minutes taking care to constantly stirring. 
Now add All the powders, salt and allow the product to cool to room temperature. 
When cold, add chopped Kothumalli and coconut using food processor/Mixi , make chutney. 
If you are making spicy variation, avoid green chillies and fry red chillies. At the end add garlic pieces and immediately remove from stove and then add Tamarind extract. Rest of the method will remain the same. 
After making the chutney, take a little oil in the kadai and add the tempering including curry leaves and dhall. 
When the dhall becomes pink, and Mustard starts popping, Temper the chutney . 
Serve with steaming rice, dhosai and idlies too!! 
Enjoy !! 

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