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Injimpuli is almost like the wet masala of Puliodirai as prepared in Andhra except it has a small variation in terms of green chillies used.


200 gms. of GINGER cut into small pieces
100 gms. of Green chillies cut into 1/4th inch pieces
One spoon of Jaggary
One large cup of Tamaring extract (fairly thick)
Oil for frying (coconut/gingly)
Salt to taste
Gingly seeds one teaspoon



Put four ladlefuls of oil in a kadai and when it is sufficiently hot, add green chillies and saute for about one and half minutes till they become tender. Add Ginger pieces and saute till they become tender. This will take only a minute or so. Now add juice extract of Tamarind and let it be turned on a medium flame till the mass becomes like a soft but thick consistency of thick vadai maavu. Add about two table spoons of salt. Please see that you don't end up having very salty preparation. So add salt to taste. 

Remove from fire and garnish with Powder of Gingly seeds . Cool it and store it in a glass bottle. This injumpuli will keep good in the fridge for more than three months but outside for only about three weeks or so. 

This is a great dish for hard workers. Tastes great with white rice. You won't even need any sambar or Rasam . 

A VARIATION You can add fried channadhal and some groundnuts and use it as a base for Puliodirai. If you want a taste variation, add a bit of Asfoetida in injimpuli. It will taste great.


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