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GREEN CHILLIES PICKLE (Pacchai Mozaka Uruga)



Green Chillies pickle can sweep anyone of his or her feet if it is used with any rice or with savories like Bhajjis, Bondas or Gujarati Ganthias. This pickle is having an universal appeal. A bite or two before meals will give you a hog's appetite .Goes great with corn soup and Kanjee. It is also the easiest pickle to make and can be made the whole year round. So what are we waiting for ?


Long Green Chillies (medium Hot variety) 250 gms.
Mustard Powder 1.5 cups
Turmeric Powder 1 spoon
Salt 1/4 cup
Lime juice 1/4 cup
Lemons 4 to 5
Oil (G/nut or Mustard oil) 1/4 cup.



Buy long medium hot chillies. Remove the stalk. Wash properly and wipe them dry. Now make a single slit in each chilli from top to bottom and set aside. Cut lemons in 8 pieces each and set aside. Make lime juice from some more lemons and set aside. Powder a cup of mustard seeds (small variety) .Take a wide mouth vessel and mix Mustard powder, salt Turmeric powder, little lime juice and little oil. Make a tight dough .Take each slit chilli and fill it up carefully. Take a clean glass jar and fill up one layer at bottom with cut lemon pieces. Now fill it up with stuffed chillies. In middle also place some more lime pieces. If you are left with mustard stuffing, sprinkle on chillies. Slowly pour little leftover lime juice also. Now arrange rest of the lemon pieces on top. Sprinkle little salt also and close the lid of the jar tightly. Within 48 hours. the juice and liquids would settle down at the base. Carefully rotate the jar in such a way that again all the chillies are covered with lime juice liquid. Repeat this for about a week. The pickle will get ready in about ten to fifteen days depending upon the ambient temperature.


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